The Summer House Project

I’m currently decorating a summer house! It’s a real challenge because the house will be for rent soon (deadline) and the means are limited (budget). So recently I’ve been doing lots of research in shops and online, trying to find the best deals! Fortunately, the second hand market is becoming increasingly popular in Spain and I’ve found some great stuff online for a DIY project. Tomorrow sale is starting and I’m planning to buy all cutlery and bathroom accessories at Zara Home online… wait until 00:00 and go for it. They do great sale but you need to be fast before things run out.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you some inspiration for this summer place! I’ll share some before/after images once it’s ready, can’t wait! I’ve decided to go for a very fresh & natural look, since this place will be for holiday rent it needs to be a bit neutral, mixing the luxury hotel style with some summer touches (marine style, coral, coir rugs… etc) Let me know what you think!


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