Just another reason to visit Barcelona!

Jaime BeriestainIf you’re planning to come to Barcelona… please read on for just another good reason to visit this city. I’d like to share my latest discovery and obsession with you! It’s a concept store in Barcelona named after its owner, designer Jaime Beriestain. The place has been around since the end of December 2013, but lately it seems to be more hip&happening than ever. It’s a delicious restaurant,  interior design shop and florist in one, what else you need?

I would say it’s the perfect place to go on a Saturday morning for breakfast, order a good coffee and bring some magazines. Hop by the florist to buy your weekly flowers and then get that cute present for the dinner party that night [or, for yourself ;)] I bought some candles here last weekend, they are reasonably priced and they come in the coolest design (same goes for the wrapping paper and carton bag). Jaime designs the most amazing and original items for the home, ranging from pillows to tableware and stationery. Also, together with his team he has worked on numerous projects, for hotels, restaurants and private residences. Jaime is an all-rounder, surprising everyone each time with a new collection or project, be sure to stop by Carrer de Pau Claris 167 when in Barcelona!


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