The Selby is in your place – my favorite pastime

Having a favorite pastime doesn’t necessarily means I get bored frequently; it means I deliberately make time to ‘be bored’ and know exactly how to fill those empty moments: scrolling through pictures of interiors on The Selby. Don’t you just love peeking into someone else’s home? I have to say some interiors are far from what I like, but every now and then a little jewel comes by and my heart just skips a beat.

What I like so much about this website is that all the pictures are so honest and personal: you can get a real idea of how people live and the homes that feature in the posts are extraordinary!

This morning for example, I stumbled across the most amazing New York City place, owned by John Demsey (President of Estee Lauder). He has one of the most quirky and eclectic homes I’ve seen (although slightly overwhelming!). He owns a large collection of Fornasetti plates, is crazy with animal arts and loves the color red. Apart from Mr Demsey loads of other interesting people have been photographed by Todd Selby, owner and originator of the website. Todd Selby portraits creative individuals (mainly artists and designers) and has grown to great heights, collaborating with huge brands like Louis Vuitton, Nike and Vogue.

Find some of my fav homes below, and don’t forget to visit ! Which place do you like most?



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