New Year’s resolutions

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year, hope you’ve all had wonderful holidays! I certainly have, and it feels good to be ‘back’ after a couple of weeks without writing. I wanted to share my New Year’s resolutions for the home with you, hoping to leave you inspired and with energy to make the best of your home in 2014!

  • In 2014, make your home your ‘own’, by personalizing your interior, not simply copying what you see in the magazines but by giving it your own touch and twist.
  • In 2014, make your home more intriguing and less predictable, step away from too much symmetry and surprise with dark colors and a mix of styles.
  • In 2014, customize your home: try to recycle ‘old’ furniture by painting it, dressing it up, or by upholstering. Find new ways to look at your furniture and be creative.
  • In 2014, treat your home well. Create a place you don’t want to leave and you want to come home to. Make it cozy, warm and your own.
  • In 2014, trust your style and go for what you like, like this you’ll never choose wrong.

I guess these resolutions count for every year! I’d love to hear your New Year’s resolutions? What do you want to accomplish interior wise?

On a more personal level, I want to try to find more time to dedicate to this blog. I really love writing and giving advise, and thank you all so much for your support and great response in 2013!

Leaving you with some of my favorite photos of last year in combination with some new inspiration. Enjoy!


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