Fabulous bathroom ideas – how to add instant glamour to your space

After my curiosity has lead me to visit quite a few houses already, it has surprised me how often the bathroom is not valued as much as the rest of the house. Many bathrooms are impersonal, with simple white tiles, boring walls and poor lightning. However, there are easy and quick ways to give your bathroom the update it needs. Hopefully, these tips will help you transforming your bathroom into a beautiful, personal and stylish space. Please find corresponding pictures under every piece of text.


Treat your bathroom like any other valued part of your house, just in the way you make an effort to dress up your living- or bedroom. Decorate the room by adding for example a chair, a small side table or a basket and make it cozy. This serves to make it more personal and informal and to store towels, soap and other bathroom accessories.

Instant glamour

Instant glamour can be brought to your bathroom by replacing your shower curtain by a chic copy. Go for luxurious textile, and hang the curtain high, touching the ceiling. This makes your bathroom look higher and more spacious.

Add life

Bring your bathroom to life by adding green, such as a plant or flowers. I keep emphasizing this, but it is really true that it makes a world of difference!

Mix & match

Transform your bathroom into an intriguing and exciting space by mixing and matching various materials, such as wood, steel, marble and glass. I love wooden floors in combination with marble washbasins and steel cranes/pipe work. Or go for micro-cement in combination with a wooden chair in front of a large mirror. The options are endless…!

Lighten up

Forget about traditional lightning, dare to choose a mysterious chandelier, a small light on the side table, wall lights, candles, etc. You’ll see that it’s a winner in the bathroom, where main bright lights are boring and unflattering!

Dare to choose color

Even though white is fresh and to be found in many bathrooms, it also is a sterile and boring ‘color’. Go for warmer shades, do you dare to go for dark walls? This will add instant intimacy, glamour and a luxurious feel.

Frame it

Personalize your space by dressing up your walls with frames: by adding paintings, art or photos.

Are you already excited to start dressing up your bathroom? I’d love to see your results!


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