Winter has arrived – how to cozy up your home

Finally, winter is here. The warm Barcelona weather up until about a week ago made it seem like my favorite season would never arrive. I had already started exchanging my summer wardrobe for warmer clothes, now it’s time to make my home winter-proof. However small my apartment may be, it brings me pleasure making it cozy and warm. I’ve been living here for three weeks now but it just doesn’t seem to get together. Might have to do with the fact that I started a full-time job and the rhythm is killing me! I arrive home late and tired, without much more to think about than to go to sleep. That’s why I decided to not plan too much last weekend and finally dedicate some time to cozy up my home!

Although Christmas is still about a month away, you can already start cozying up your place, giving it a warm winter-feel. One of the most important things in a house is scent, as it makes your place feel warm and welcome the moment you walk in. My favorite scents for this season are cinnamon, gingerbread and vanilla. Place some candles or sticks around the house, in the bedroom, bathroom and entrance. Typical winter flowers are cyclamen or the beautiful artichoke flower (see picture), but I also love pinecones or winter branches, which I dress up with lights or some Christmas ornaments more towards the Holidays. If you have the space, I would definitely go for a real Christmas tree… they are authentic and smell amazing!

Cozy up your homeI always say that many things look better against a dark wall, or with a dark background. It just makes things feel much cozier and warmer! Even food; presenting it on a dark slate makes it look interesting and colorful (see picture). I read this tip some time ago on Abigail Ahern’s blog, and I couldn’t agree more! She really hits the nail on the head with her ideas and I enjoy reading them. Most DIY stores sell these kinds of slates, serving as plates. When it’s winter, I love plates and glassware with gold and silver touches; they look great, especially with light from candles! You should definitely check out Zara Home for all kinds of tableware… Affordable and very original and stylish.

What’s better than snuggling up under a warm fur blanket on the couch? In my closet I’ve got some very big and chunky fur coats that used to belong to my grandmother. The fur is beautiful, but the weight and size of the coats makes that I never wear them! I’ve found a great place near my house where they can transform these chunky pieces of fur into everything… I’ve chosen to combine two coats and make it into a large fur blanket! Can’t wait to see the result.

Now… dim the lights, put on some jazzy music and snuggle on the couch with a cup of tea and have a look at these beautiful inspirational pictures!


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