Home tour: fashion designer Michelle Torres shows us her modern vintage home in Mexico City!

This week famous fashion designer and blogger Michelle Torres opens the doors to her amazing home in Mexico City! She gives Time to Turn the Table an exclusive peek into her stylish place filled with vintage design, art, colorful touches and four dogs! Let’s have a look shall we?

Michelle Torres in her showroom at home

Michelle Torres in her showroom at home

Two and a half years ago, Michelle and her husband Mateo moved to this gorgeous two floor home in the neighborhood of Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City. According to Mateo, the house had been poorly maintained over the years and needed a serious update. The uberstylish couple has brought lots of character and liveliness to the place by completely refurbishing and painting it before entering.

One of the things I like best about this beautiful property is the personality that it breathes. This is probably due to the couples’ passion to find unique pieces at antique- and flea markets and later restore these single-handed. Their favorite piece, a painting of an angel that brings them lots of luck, was a real find: after restoring it, it appeared to be from the hand of a famous Cuban painter.

One of my favorite pieces: the iconoc Hand Chair

One of my favorite pieces: the iconoc Hand Chair

Michelle’s showroom, where all her amazing designs are carefully exhibited, is the place she loves to spend most of her time. Clients come to their house to try on the latest pieces and shop unique items in a comfortable environment. Mateo’s favorite place is the bedroom, where he can cuddle with the dogs that reign over the bed. An advise they want to give to the readers of Time to Turn the Table is to always decorate with passion, making your home cozy and creating a good vibe. Having patience is the key to your dream home, even if that means leaving a certain space or room empty for some time until you find the perfect piece or idea. Apart from the markets where they’ve found lots of furniture and inspiration, Michelle and Mateo love the website www.casapalacio.com.mx for design and decoration.

When I visited this home some time ago, I was especially blown away by the red Hand Chair in the living room and the huge retro radio that serves as a side table, so cool! Thank you Michelle and Mateo for showing us around in your gorgeous and inspiring place! For more information about Michelle and her designs visit her blog www.ourfashiondiary.me.


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