Frame it: how to dress up your wall

The great thing about dressing up your wall is that there are no rules (when it comes to interior design, rules should be banned anyway). I wouldn’t say that it doesn’t matter what you hang up on your blank space, but with a bit of creativity and pretty frames you come a long end. Empty walls are boring and scream for some company, it’s time for a change! Take a look at these pictures that I selected for this post: isn’t it amazing what frames can do to your space? I used to be quite a fan of black frames and black/white images. And although I still like them, I’ve discovered that mixing different frames, coloured pictures and even empty frames (!) can change your plain wall completely. Ask a friend to help you out holding up the frames so you can see how to organize them before attacking your wall with a hammer or drill. Also, buy some magazines you like and frame some of the pictures you find – I love Architectural Digest, Vogue (Living), Elle Decoration etc –  easy, cheap and you can change whenever you want! Will you show me the result? Happy Monday!


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