Time to inspire: Abigail Ahern’s whimsical London home

During a visit to London some years ago I walked past an amazing atelier, which said ‘Abigail Ahern’ on the facade. Highly intrigued, I wanted to know who was behind this stylish window display and catchy name. I soon found out this was no ordinary interior designer. Mrs Ahern turned out to be one of the coolest designers on this planet, her whimsical style keeps surprising and inspiring me. I’ve already spent many hours behind the computer just flipping through images of her creations (click here to visit her website).

So, since that day I am officially fan of Abigail. She does not only have an amazing blog and great writing skills, she also has her own brand (selling lamps, furniture, mirrors and much more), which I absolutely adore! I wanted to share some images of her unique London townhouse, thereby hopefully inspiring you as much as she has inspired me. I’m especially fan of the bulldog lamp, the daring use of dark tones in combination with coloured accessories and the artworks throughout her home. What inspires you the most? Have a great day!


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