Home tour: Barcelona-based designer Cristina Cerqueda shows her bold townhouse!

Last week I had the honour to interview my friend and jewelry designer Cristina Cerqueda in her amazingly stylish and bold Barcelona townhouse. Although busy with her own brand and shop ONE restyling vintage company, she has managed to find the time to turn this place into a one-of-a-kind home where everyone always feels welcome.

The pink cabinet used to belong to Cristina’s grandmother

About three years ago, Cristina and her husband Miguel acquired this 500sqm property in the north of Barcelona, with magnificent views over the city. Luckily, the place was filled easily, it being a hobby for Cristina to decorate, and incorporating into their home restyled antique given to them by family members. Like for example the unique Fornasetti cupboard at the entrance, with imagery of a palace, given to them by Cristina’s parents. Or the pink cabinet in the living room, one of her favourite pieces. This cabinet used to belong to her grandmother, and was later draped with leather. She decided to paint it; in a way that you can still see its original structure.

Cristina travels a lot, shuttling between Barcelona and place of birth Andorra, where her parents live most of the time. But also for work she travels around, always looking for new exquisite pieces she can use for her jewelry designs. When talking with Cristina, it seems like almost every piece of furniture present in their house has an interesting story. She says: “many items at home were found abroad, and just had to travel back home with me”, sometimes driving her husband crazy. “Like for example this monkey lamp”, she explains, “I found it in Mexico and just had to take it on board with me, I couldn’t leave it behind!” Her husband Miguel does not always agree with her interior ideas, but she made sure he got his own “gentlemen’s corner” where great wines are served and tasted and cigars can be smoked.

The monkey lamp was taken on board flying home from Mexico

The monkey lamp was taken on board flying home from Mexico

The ‘monkey-lamp’ and a mannequin in the bathroom serve to exhibit some of her jewelry, although most of her items are safely stored somewhere else. Whilst creating the most extraordinary items for people all around the world, in daily life Cristina doesn’t wear too much jewelry (it made me think of the saying ‘the shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot’,…or something).

One of my favourite pieces of Cristina’s home is the coffee table, and everything on it. Filled with books, candles, ashtrays and even fur; I was hardly able to take it all in. The two large sofas around create a very intimate and homely feeling, something that is not easy in a large space like this. The living area is divided in four parts: a large dining table, a corner for wines and cigars, an office space and the sofa area. Although filled with colour, prints and light, its busy character gives you a warm, comforting and serene feeling!

Detail of one of my favorite pieces: the coffee table

Detail of one of my favorite pieces: the coffee table

Buying furniture and decoration that matches goes against all that Cristina stands for. She is a strong believer of mixing styles, and here motto is basically that everything goes. “As long as you really like your items, you will find a way to mix them together”. This certainly goes for her home, providing the perfect example of how different prints and styles blend well together. What strikes the eyes are the special wallpapers used throughout the house. In the master bedroom, Cristina opted for textile wallcovering with a classic tartan pattern. In the kitchen, black and white chess patterns dominate. Another funny and not to miss detail is the ceiling in the living room, decorated with floral wallpaper!

Cristina’s wonderful Barcelona home, filled with diverse and colourful furniture and decoration, has totally blown me away! She certainly pulls it off, blending all these different styles into a wonderful mix, making it one entity. Thank you so much for letting us take a peek in your amazing home!

What do you like best about Cristina’s home?


2 thoughts on “Home tour: Barcelona-based designer Cristina Cerqueda shows her bold townhouse!

  1. Great interview and writing. I thoroughly enjoyed this entry. My favorite thing about the house was the blue/green color of the walls. Very charming. cnw

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