Time for Coffee – tips on how to style your coffee table

Time for CoffeeFor some time now I’ve wanted to write a post about the coffee table. This piece of furniture is absolutely indispensable at home, and I think I’ve never been to a place where people didn’t have one. The great thing about coffee tables is that they can be found in all shapes and sizes, and usually tell you a lot about the homeowner. They provide you with the perfect opportunity to exhibit all your favorite items and give a personal touch to your space! Whether you have a standard – for example IKEA – coffee table, a rectangular/round/square piece made of glass or wood, a self-made coffee table (using scaffolding wood) or a footstool transformed into coffee table… you can totally personalize and tune your table into a fabulous living room centre piece!! Check out these inspiring pictures! Use them to your advantage :)

Here are some of my personal suggestions: books (big copies) always work well on coffee tables, as well as: magazines, pretty ashtrays, vases, flowers, candles and a piece of art (for example coral, a skull or a silver crafted box). Don’t get stuck looking for one big coffee table, a combination of two or multiple smaller tables can look great as well! Enjoy!


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