The Home Office

The Home OfficeProbably the best way to write my blog is from the very place I find myself right now, and where I (and with me many other people) spend most of their time: the desk. Take a look at these pictures, which desk do you like the best? I absolutely love the mixture of wood with glass and the different styles of lamps, creating a cozy atmosphere. The big eye-catcher frame with text on the last picture is also very cool, especially in combination with the classic chandelier! Unfortunately, however pretty, a desk has a function and needs to be stylish as well as practical. My perfect desk would be equipped in a way you don’t need to leave your place for anything other then a visit to the bathroom or the kitchen. It is provided by sufficient light, preferably natural as well as artificial light, enough space, some sort of view (you don’t want to spend half of your day staring at a wall, unless you hang a cool painting/map/board on it), storage space (I would recommend some stylish boxes for papers and pens), a small plant or bonsai tree (never hurt anyone) and a paper bin. There is nothing more annoying than having to get up every 5 minutes for whatever you have forgotten (unless you’re having a hard day and are looking for excuses to not do what you’re doing…).

The Home OfficeThe most important is that your office is comfortable, whether it is small or large, in a separate room or in the middle of the living room. It has to be a place where you can concentrate and feel at ease. It is therefore a good idea to personalize your desk: provide it with some colorful books, magazines, some flowers, boxes, funny old stamps or an antique magnifying glass. A great shop for just about all the accessories for your little palace, is Zara Home ( I think I could practically buy everything they sell.. here I recently found some great boxes for storage (think: cables for just about every electric device I own(ed) and usb-sticks). I love writing paper and sending postcards to friends, very old fashioned – I know. But be honest, isn’t it much more special to receive a hand written note on the doormat? A stylish shop for writing paper, cards, (home) office accessories, kitchen supplies and all kinds of got-to-have items is Vinçon ( What does your desk look like? And what is absolutely indispensable in your office?


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