Bedtime stories

Bedtime StoriesSpending more than a third of your life in a certain room sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? However, there are days that I couldn’t be happier spending time in my bedroom, catching sleep and chilling out. It could just well be my favourite room. To me it is so important to have a wonderful, relaxing and beautiful bedroom. Here I renew my energy, process my experiences of the day, read a book and fall asleep after an exhausting day.

Turning your own bedroom into a palace does not have to be difficult or costly. The feeling you would want to create is comfortable, luxurious and inviting.  I would say it is a matter of a good bed with fresh, clean and beautiful sheets, and enough pillows. By making a selection of your favorite things and placing them on your bedside table, you create a personal and intimate atmosphere. I wouldn’t recommend mirrors in your bedroom [at least not in front of your bed, it scares me to death seeing a reflection in the middle of the night, or in the morning ;)]. Television is forbidden; it makes you go to sleep too late and kills the romance! Take a look at these inspiring bedrooms, don’t they just make you want to jump those beds?!



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