The smallest room

It’s one of the most used spaces in a house, a little room that comes standard in every home: the powder room. Why not make it a bit pleasant? Even though the room you’re working with is small, it doesn’t make it any less important. Who isn’t happily surprised to find a fresh and clean space that smells great? Below you will find some tips and tricks to make your smallest room your favorite room ;)

  •  Make sure the powder room floor is easy to clean, use for example tiles, wooden floors or concrete (needless to say, never use carpet, at most a rug)
  • I am personally not a big fan of extreme colors for the powder room (I remember painting my old bathroom in glow-in-the-dark green when I was 10 and it actually wasn’t that cool). I would go for neutral colors (hard coal is beautiful, beige, gray, light brown etc.) or wallpaper.
  • Always have fresh smelling candles, sticks, flowers and soap in the room
  • Towels or paper towels are indispensable and need to be changed frequently
  • Decorate your room with a mirror, not only for the daily check-up, it also makes your small room look bigger
  • Change the bulb hanging from your ceiling for something different, like a chandelier. Or remove it completely and hang 2 cute lamps on the wall, for example each on one side of a mirror
  • If you have the space, it looks great to work with glass on your washbasin (for example perfume bottles or carafes, see picture)

I would love to know which picture inspires you the most and why? Have a great day!



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