Brightening Up

Brightening UpFlowers instantly brighten up your house and your mood, as they bring color to the interior. A small bouquet of tulips, some white roses or daisies give your home a fresh look. Roses on the bedside table, lavender in the bathroom or a bunch of tulips on the coffee table are small investments but have great rewards..Although a bit more expensive, I really love artificial flowers. You can keep using them over and over again. I must say however, that it’s important to look at the quality of these (silk) flowers as they can easily look cheap and plastic. Yesterday I bought a small bouquet of fresh white flowers on the market and combined them with some (false) hydrangeas I still had at home. I think they’re beautiful! How such a small thing can make a woman happy..

If you don’t have many vases at home, you can always use glasses or jars from the kitchen (see picture above). Be creative! Go into the garden, the woods or onto your balcony and find twigs and branches you can bring home. I’m sure these pictures will give you some inspiration to brighten up your place! Will you show me your creations?


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